November 2010

Simonside Cairns Race Sunday 12th December

If your looking for a winter fell running challenge then Simonside Cairns is one to try. 11 miles long with 1770 feet of ascent the route climbs up from Rothbury to Simonside and then drops down over the back of Simonside has a bit of rough stuff through the heather before running back over the Simonside ridge and descending back down to Rothbury. The descent back is well worth the hacking up. Fast running all the way. The start and finish, like all good fell races, is outside a pub.... Read More

Dressing for Winter Running

It looks like winter has now arrived. So, how do you dress so you don’t get cold but, you don’t over heat either? The first layer to wear is a baselayer (eg Odlo Evolution). This is the most important and keeps you warm by pulling the sweat away from the skin. This layer should be fairly snug fitting. The second or mid layer is designed to trap a layer of air and to further pull the moisture away from the skin, spread it out and dry fast. Somtimes this layer... Read More

John Lenihan World Mountain Running Champion 1991

John Lenihan is the real deal when it comes to Mountain Runners. The Irishman has become a Legend in his own life time. My friend Bob Johnston (now with Dark Peak) remembers running in Northern Irelands Junior Mountain Running Team at the World Mountain Running Championships and watching John Lenihan destroy the best in the world. To add to the legend, while the top Eurpeans stretched and jogged about in their fancy tracksuits, Lenihan just stood casually. Just before the off he removed his woolly jumper and then, like the... Read More

The Don Morrison Memorial Edale Skyline

If you are looking for a bit of motivation to get you fighting through the wind and rain on the dark morning or evening (or both !). Then why not enter the challenging Edale Skyline. Entry forms are available from Monday 15th November on Dark Peak Fell Runners website ( For those not associated to the delights of this race the Edale Skyline is 21 miles with 4500 feet of ascent. The route is a circlular route over fell terrain taking in the summits of Win Hill, Lose Hill, Mam... Read More